the course


course record = 66

Held by Nicholas Joyce 13th November 2010


course record = 77

Held by Zahara Lemon 12th January 2016

what you need to know

course tips

  • HOLE 1

    Short Par 4. Out of bounds all along left side. Bunker mid to back right of green.

  • HOLE 2

    Best line is down right hand side. Too far left and you can be blocked out by tall trees.

  • HOLE 3

    Drive up left side leaves only a short iron in. Bunker front right. Severely sloping green can make putting tricky.

  • HOLE 4

    Driver and long iron or fairway wood to a long green. Avoid being long if the pin is on the front. Bunker front right of green.

  • HOLE 5

    Drive and a short iron. Bunkers front and left. Approach can be run down the slope from the right.

  • HOLE 6

    Drive right of centre for best approach. Sloping fairway makes the approach tricky. Bunkers short left and right of a large green.

  • HOLE 7

    Straightaway short par 3. Bank on left will feed ball down onto green. Over the back is not recommended.

  • HOLE 8

    Short par 5 with out of bounds all along the right. Long hitters can go for the green but 2 good woods will leave only a pitch to an elevated green.

  • HOLE 9

    Long hitters can go for this one. Small pond on left to catch the short hitters. Small sloping green makes it very difficult to get up and down from behind the green.

  • HOLE 10

    Straightaway par 3. Behind the green can be tricky.

  • HOLE 11

    A spectacular par 4 with the best view in Tasmania on a sunny day. Aim for the point out in the bay and enjoy the walk down the hill. Second shot is all downhill so the hole plays shorter than its length. Aim for the left of the green as the ball tends to roll right with the slope.

  • HOLE 12

    Drive down the right for the best approach with a wood or long iron. Green is not easy to hit and a par here is a good result.

  • HOLE 13

    Uphill par 4 with a long green. Flag position can make up to 2 clubs difference on approach. Lateral hazard all along the right and a lateral hazard on the left which cannot be seen from the tee.

  • HOLE 14

    Pretty Par 3 bunkered right and left. Club selection crucial or you can be left with a very long putt.

  • HOLE 15

    Long par 5 curving to right then left. Keep the drive centre to right of fairway to shorten the hole. Second shot should hug the right hand side as fairway slopes to left. Bunker left side of green.

  • HOLE 16

    Sharp dogleg left short par 4. Deep bunker to front right and a swale in front of green (Valley of sin) will catch anything short and roll balls back off the green.

  • HOLE 17

    Easy short par 4. Bunker to left of green and fairway bunker right hand side of fairway. Birdie opportunity.

  • HOLE 18

    The last is a short steep uphill par 5 to a large flat green. Hit up the right hand side for the best line in. The large dam on the left comes out into the fairway further than you think so don't get too greedy and keep the second shot to the right leaving a short pitch to the green. Long hitters might be tempted to go for the green but the downhill lies over the top of the hill have caused many a good player to drown their ball in the dam. Bunker and out of bounds to the left side of the green.

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