Year Mixed Foursomes
2021 T.J. Riseley H.M. Dwyer
2020 S.R. Gregg H.M. Dwyer
2019 T.J. Riseley A.M. Kruimink
2018 T.J. Riseley A.M. Kruimink
2017 A.G. Dentler A.M. Grimes
2016 A.R. Kline S.J. Symons
2015 N.R. Joyce M.N. Cormack
2014 J.W. Harris M. Roberts
2013 L.S. Knowles Z. Lemon
2012 J.W. Harris M. Roberts
2011 J.W. Harris M. Roberts
2010 A.R. Kline J.M. Palfreyman
2009 B.J. Bready J.A. Collet
2008 J.W. Harris M. Roberts
2007 J.W. Harris M. Roberts
2006 J.W. Harris M. Roberts
2005 J.W. Harris M. Roberts
2004 J.W. Harris M. Roberts
2003 B. Johns L.S. Foong
2002 B. Johns L.S. Foong
2001 N.R. Joyce M. Roberts
2000 W.G. Heaven P.J. Irvine
1999 J.W. Harris S.J. Symons
1998 R.G. Madson C.M.C. Madson
1997 I.R. Dahl P.J. Irvine
1996 B.M. Cleary M.N. Cormack
1995 R.B. Styles V.J. Kline
1994 R.B. Styles V.J. Kline
1993 J.W. Harris S.L. Batchelor
1992 J.W. Harris S.L. Batchelor
1991 M.G. Oakley V.E. Southorn
1990 J.W. Harris V.J. Lamprecht
1989 J.W. Harris V.J. Lamprecht
1988 J.W. Harris V.J. Lamprecht
1987 J.W. Harris V.J. Lamprecht
1986 R.J. Bell P.J. Bourke
1985 P.F. DeGroot V.F. Jacobson
1984 C.P. Johns V.F. Jacobson
1983 B. Johns V.E. Southorn
1982 J.W. Harris V.J. Lamprecht
1981 B. Johns V.E. Southorn
1980 B. Johns V.E. Southorn
1979 B. Johns C.O. Meyer
1978 C.P. Johns N.I. Gordon
1977 R.S. Way L.M. Balcombe
1976 R.S. Way L.M. Balcombe
1975 R.S. Way L.M. Balcombe
1974 R.J. Young C.O. Meyer
1973 R.C. Johnston V.J. Lamprecht
1972 G.N. French C.O. Meyer
1971 R.C. Johnston M. Stapleton
1970 C.D. Hazell V.J. Lamprecht
1969 F.J. Millhouse C.M. Brierley
1968 J.V. Michael A.E. Michael

Year Harry Newman Memorial Stableford
Harry Newman was an active Member for many years at the Club. He also enjoyed mixed events so when Mrs. Peg Newman presented the Club with a memorial trophy the Committee agreed to hold a mixed Stableford competition on a Saturday in April or early May in memory of Harry.
2019 P. Lindsay  
2018 P. Males  
2017 B. Lovell  
2016 S. Hansson  
2015 N. R. Joyce  
2014 A. J. Creswell M. Roberts
2013 A. J. Richardson M. Roberts
2012 T. M. Little P. J. Irvine
2011 S. R. Gregg M. Roberts
2010 R. L. Johnson N. Hale
2009 R. B. Stewart G. Morriss
2008 R. A. Brown V. D. Conner
2007 P. V. Gadomski M. Roberts
2006 D. A. Grimes P. J. Irvine
2005 P. V. Gadomski C. J. MacKey
2004 R. W. Wright L. S. Foong
2003 J. J. Tanner M. M. Stewart
2002 S. L. Wall L. V. Shead
2001 N. R. Joyce M. Roberts
2000 W. J. Manning O. Kraus
1999 J. S. Needham L. Price

Year Max Donovan Memorial Trophy
The late Max Donovan was a Foundation Member of the Club, was on the First Committee elected on the 10th October 1967 and was Captain in 1968/69/70. Max died prematurely whilst in office. Max had the Club's first hole-in-one in 1970. He was the Club's delegate to the SCGA and was Captain of the First Pennant team entered in the SCGA Pennant Competition. The Max Donovan Memorial Bogey was instituted by the Committee on the 3rd November 1972.
2014 T. T. Wright S. J. Symons
2013 N. W. Riseley  
2012 S. Craven  
2011 B. L. Jenkins M. Roberts
2010 B. S. Morrow S. J. Symons
2009 B. S. Morrow  
2008 G. M. Williams R. A. Nichols
2007 M. J. Stanton  
2006 N. A. Johns  
2005 M. J. Stanton R. Smithies
2004 B. L. Jenkins  
2003 G. S. Stanway S. Miles
2002 M. E. S. Riseley C. M. Goodwin
2001 J. C. Wilson L. S. Foong
2000 J. A. MacDonald D. I. Mollring
1999 P. R. Clements C. M. C. Madson
1998 T. T. Wright C. M. C. Madson
1997 A. B. Rowe R. M. Breen
1996 D. G. Tumney J. E. Bamford
1995 L. M. Knott M. N. Cormack
1994 S. A. Street V. J. Kline
1993 E. Dobby P. E. Newman
1992 I. W. Batt B. F. Raymond
1991 P. M. Coe S. J. Symons
1990 A. L. Pennington M. P. Schmidt
1989 J. A. Bremner R. McDonald
1988 M. I. Glover B. Preston
1987 S. K. Adams E. A. Abbott
1986 R. Tiffin S. J. Symons
1985 P. J. Mason S. J. Symons
1984 G. C. Doyle N. I. Gordon
1983 F. M. Newton K. V. Triffitt
1982 R. Beresford M. J. Way
1981 M. W. Baker M. J. Byrne
1980 P. A. Lennon L. R. Seidel
1979 A. B. Denne B. M. Bender
1978 B. C. Patterson V. J. Kline
1977 M. McGinniss P. J. Irvine
1976 T. W. Holmes (Snr.) B. M. Wilkinson
1975 R. S. Way M. N. Smith
1974 B. B. Sievers V. E. Southorn
1973 J. A. Martin V. E. Southorn
1972 C. J. Wells  

North west Bay Golf Club

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