Les Barratt

Les Barratt

Les became a club member in 1969, and besides playing golf, he is frequently seen at our club working to improve the course.
The number of hours Les has worked at our club is considerable and much appreciated.

Bill Heaven

William (Bill) Heaven

A Member since 1981, Bill has served for many years on the Board including Captain and Vice Captain. He has also been the handicapper since the late '80s and served on the S. C. G. A. for 19 years including 5 years as vice President. Bill ran the Chicken Run for 15 years and developed a workable handicap system for the event. He has also helped coach Juniors and continues to collate the Wednesday and Saturday results and is rules accredited and also ran the clubs first website for a considerable number of years.

Jan Palfreyman

Mrs J M (Jan) Palfreyman

A Member since 1990, Jan has held positions on the Associates Committee for 19 years, including Captain 5 years, Vice Captain 4 years & Vice President 2 years. Jan has also been a representative for WGT Southern Country Districts Ladies Golf Association for numerous years. Always willing to volunteer to help or organise events.

Marg Cormack

Miss M N (Marg) Cormack

A Member since 1989, Marg has served for 18 years on the Associates Committee including Captain 2 years, Vice Captain 3 years, President 4 years, Vice President 6 years and has also been on Huon Ladies Golf Association for 5 years, Women's Golf Tasmania (Southern Country) for 11 years and Associates representative on N. W. B. Board of Management for 10 years.

Ian Morris

Mr I L (Ian) Morriss

A Member since 1981, Ian formed many working bees over the years to undertake course improvement projects and was later a founding member of (Dad's Army) who meet every Thursday to help with maintaining and improving the course. He has also been the Auditor of the Associates books. Always an enthusiastic promoter of the N. W. B. golf course and always welcoming to new members and visitors.

Ray Brown

Mr R A (Ray) Brown

A Member since 1970, Ray has served for 18 years on the Committee an various capacities including, 4 years as President and 2 years as Captain, Ray has always helped with any legal queries on behalf of the Club. He has always been willing to pitch in and help with anything around the Club.

Allan Batchelor

Mr A W (Allen) Batchelor

A dedicated and untiring Member since 1979, has served for 12 years on the Committee in various capacities and 4 years as Junior Pennant team Manager. Always willing to help the Greens Staff or just do odd jobs around the Club.

Pat Irvine

Mrs P J (Pat) Irvine

A Member since 1972, Pat has been on the Associate Committee19 years including President 1 year, Captain 5 years, Vice Captain 2 years and Treasurer 6 years. Pat has also represented N.W.B. on Huon District, Southern Country & Tasmanian Ladies Committees for a total of 18 years. Her extensive knowledge & understanding of the rules of golf has been a tremendous asset to North West Bay Golf Club.

Ron Tiffin

Mr R (Ron) Tiffin (Deceased)

Ron has served on the North West Bay Committee in various capacities for 14 years, including President 2years, Vice President 1 year, Treasurer 2 years. He has also been a hard worker around the club (particularly with his woodwork skills) and also on the course and in working bees. Always a happy face and a pleasure to be around.


Mrs V E (Voila) Southorn

Voila joined North West Bay in 1967 and is the only Founder Associate still taking an active roll in club life. As part of the original Associate Committee Voila attended the club's first AGM and 23 years later she was on the Committee for the opening of the new course in 1990. She has served 18 years on the Committee including as President (1971 / 72), Captain (1974 / 75), Vice President, Secretary and Treasurer. In 1972 she also started the North West Bay Garden Club.


Mr T W (Bill) Holmes (Snr.) (Deceased)

A Founder Member, Treasurer in 1968. He also served the Club for 11 consecutive years on the Committee in various capacities. President 1976 - 1978, Vice President 1973 - 1975 & 1980 - 1981, Bar Manager 1973 - 1976 & Committee 1970/71/72 & 79. In 1970 he proposed that the Club run an A.I.F/Legacy Day. Bill organized this day every year during his active involvement with the Club.


Mr B (Brett) Johns (Deceased)

Brett has Captained the Tasmanian Junior and Senior teams. Selected in every Tasmanian team he has been available for. Represented Australia at the international level. Won the Tasmanian Amateur Championship 7 times, is a consistent leader in Ashbarry and Toogood Trophies. Australian Amateur Champion in 1987. A loyal and proud Club Member who is a source of pride to us and a marvelous ambassador for this Club.


Mrs M (Marj) Taylor (Deceased)

A Founding Associate. Served 2 terms as Associate President and 2 terms as Associate Captain with many other years on Associates Committee. Her initial efforts were devoted to ensuring that the Associates grew in number and spirit. Her effort reflects in the strength of the Associates today.


Mr J V (John) Michael (Deceased)

A Founder Member, on the original Steering Committee in 1967. Secretary to the first 4 Committees, President 7 times, Captain 3 times and on Committee 7 times. A delegate to the S.C.G.A, S.T.G.U and T.G.C. John was central to the formation of the Club and has remained integral to its continued success. His service is unequalled.


Mr J W (John) Taylor (Deceased)

A Founder Member, on the second Committee of the Club in 1968. Always ready to lend a hand and integrally involved with the early development of the course. For many years he acted as Midweek Captain. His service has been selfless.


Mr D R (Don) Hazell (Deceased)

A Founder Member, perhaps the first. On the original Steering Committee, then on the first 8 Committees of the Club in various capacities. He built the original course and Clubhouse and encouraged the Club to forge its way. His foresight and community spirit ensured this Club exists.


Mr C T (Tas) Taylor (Deceased)

A Founder Member, on the first Committee of the Club in 1967 and served on 7 Committees in the formative years of the Club. Tas has served the Club enthusiastically particularly in those difficult early days. He is our first Life Member. He has given so that others might enjoy.

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