Tee Work

Work is planned to improve the 6th and 15th tees in the near future.
The work on the 6th tee will be in two stages. The first stage includes extending the front of the tee to allow proper tee placements for the ladies and levelling the front and the back of the tee. The second stage will level the middle portion of the tee.
This work has been made possible through the generosity of one of our members. Thank you.
The work on the 15th men’s tee will level the tee and provide a better starting point for the hole.

3rd Green
The third green has provided challenges for many golfers. If you are on the left side of the green, putts can be faster than those undertaken by professional golfers.
In addition, only about 30% of the green can be used for pins placements, which increases wear and tear on the areas where pins can be placed.
The project would extend the third green approximately five to six metres at the widest point, to the right of the green and behind the bunker. See photo below.
Once the new green area is in play, then the Greens Committee will consider if work is required on the left side of the green to reduce the slope.
This work has been sponsored by an anonymous member.