Notice to Members

Special General Meeting

6 May, 2019 at 7.30pm

In 2007, the Board of the North West Bay Golf Club sold the clubhouse and

1.318 ha of land surrounding it to pay off accumulated debt. The purchaser of the property had intentions of developing the site to include a number of villas for short term accommodation as well as a restaurant with bar facilities. The agreement with the purchaser provided for an area within the development  to be allocated to the club for  administration purposes. The area in question was to be owned by the club on a stratum t it le.

Following the purchase the developer endeavoured to attract interest from investors but they were unable to achieve the financial backing required and more recently have sought to dispose of the sit e. Over the past year or so the Club has been aware that negotiations have been ongoing between the owners and a potential developer. Unfortunately the Club has recently received advice indicating that those negotiations have broken down.

It now appears that the property will be placed on the open market with the owner’s financial backer involved in that process. The property is zoned “Recreation” which means there are limitations to what can be developed on the site. For example, short term tourism based accommodation would be permissible but residential construction would not.

For 12 years the Club has been waiting for a development to occur but with this latest setback the future of the property is uncertain. The Board has determined that the time has arrived for the Club to consider its future direction. To do that we have decided to call a Special General Meeting of members to consider the options available.

The meeting will be held at the clubhouse on 6 May, 2019 at 7.30pm. If you want to have your say regarding the future of our club then I would urge you to attend.



Martin Jarman President