Challenges Facing Golf Clubs

Aging members, declining memberships, fewer junior players, increasing running costs and family and work demands are some of the challenges facing golf clubs worldwide.

These issues are no different for our Club.

Our Club’s membership is aging and fewer juniors are taking up the sport. Both these issues are leading to declining memberships. As members are the backbone of the Club’s finances and with the ever increasing costs for power, water, rates, insurance, etc., the gap between revenue and expenditure is growing.

It is a continual battle making ends meet but so far so good. It is also a challenge attracting new members particularly given the demographics of the Kingston, Margate, Blackmans Bay and Snug regions.

Golf is an expensive and time consuming activity compared to soccer, as an example. Yet golf is still a popular past-time. However, consideration must be given to how the Club can make the game attractive to all golfers.

The Club needs to understand the market place – how it is changing and how to adapt. This is a task for the Board of Management, which is being considered.

The Board will continue to work hard to keep memberships affordable, reduce costs (although many of the costs cannot be trimmed), increase sponsorships and how to attract new members.

If you have any suggestions that may assist these goals, please do not hesitate to contact members of the Board.