Draw 2018 Mixed Foursomes Championship

  • To be played in four groups of six and one group of four


• Carol Mackey and Chris Gates
• Sue Hall and David Hall


• Deb Ford and Nie Joyce
• Sandy Young and Kevin Roberts
• Annie Kruimink and Trent Riseley


• Pat Irvine and Bill Heaven
• Jan Palfreyman and Tim Palfreyman
• Colleen Thompson and Greg Barwick


• Heather Dwyer and Stephen Large
• Ruth Sawford and Don Sawford
• Annette Grimes and Graham Kraus


• Sue Symons and Ken Woods
• Margaret Cormack and Glenn Kline
• Maree Roberts and John Harris

Practice Green

The NWBGC lacks adequate practice facilities, which limits the Club’s ability to allow its members to develop their golfing skills.
The development of a practice green would allow members to practice putting and to a limited degree chipping.
The project entails building a two-tiered practice green which measures approximately 25 metres in length and 12 metres wide at their longest and widest points.
As the new practice green would take away the existing pathway, it is proposed to construct a pathway on the right side of the practice green from the Clubhouse shelter to the existing path near the 10th tee. The pathway would be wide enough to accommodate the club Ute, tractors, emergency vehicles and other traffic.

Funds for this project are yet to be identified and we will seek sponsors for the work.

State Pennant Final Victory

Congratulations to the ladies Division 3 players for their excellent win in the State Pennants Final over a Sunday and Monday in June.

The semi-final on Sunday against Sheffield was played in a friendly good spirited manner by all players.

Our team enjoyed a 3.5/1.5 victory.

On Monday, the ladies went head to head with Claremont in the final. Played in good stead, the Northwest Bay team triumphed, 4/1.

Great celebrations were enjoyed by all the Associates at a recent Pennant lunch.

Congratulations go to all the Pennant players, particularly to those who could play consecutively on both days.

Also thanks to Corm and Jan for their leadership during the Pennant season.