Chicken Run Results

Event : Best Score

Date : 22 February 2018

Number of Players 23 Number of Players  20
Front 9 Winners Points Back 9 Winners Points
 Rob Madson 24  George Vansant 22
 David Muir 21  Greg Hardinge  21
 Ben Eaton  21   Rod Campbell  21
 Ryan Seaburn  20  Levi Treptow  20
Nearest The Pin  Name Distance in cm
7th Reinhard Vester 338 
14th Gerard Denton 84



Chicken Run Results

Event : Shuffle

Date : 15 February 2018

Number of Players :  15 Number of Players : 17
Front 9 Winners Points Back 9 Winners Points
Ryan Seaburn 20 Steve Avery 20
Greg Swan 21 Reinhard Vester 16 c/b
Brett Rolf 16 c/b  Toby Treptow  18
Nearest The Pin  Name Distance in cm
7th Wayne Manning 680
9th Klaas Van Driezum 532

About The Chicken Run / Turkey Trot

The Chicken Run & Turkey Trot competitions are held every Thursday Afternoon / evening during daylight savings. Open to all Members, Associates & Visitors. There is a BBQ available for after the game.

Entry fee is $5 for members and $10 for visiting members.

There is a special chicken run membership for non members. Membership fee is due prior to playing.

The event is a 9-hole Stableford with a Legs & Breasts chicken voucher given out to approximately 1 of every 7 players. There are two formats for play each held on alternating weeks. One is best scores for the night, the other all the cards for that nine are shuffled together dealt into groups of 7 with the best score in each group of cards winning a Legs & Breasts chicken voucher. A nearest the pin on each nine also wins a chook. The Turkey Trots are best score only and held on the Thursday before Christmas and the last Thursday of the season. One Turkey per every 6 players.

Members play off the white tee markers and Associates play off either white or red tee markers depending on which is closer to the green.

There are special Chicken Run 9-hole cards for both front & back nines. The handicap used for the 1st game is half your White Marker Club handicap. (If your handicap is an uneven number, add 1 then divide by 2). After the 1st game your Chicken run handicap is placed on a board and adjusted accordingly. The handicap system for this event is, if you win a Legs & Breasts chicken voucher you lose a stroke and if you don't your handicap goes out by .25. For the Turkey Trots half your current Club White Marker handicap is used.